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Take the Menopause Anxiety Assessment

Rip up the Rule Book on Menopause Anxiety

Anyone who has experienced anxiety during menopause or perimenopause will know
that it can be crippling and unpredictable. While some women sail through
it, over 54% of us struggle with anxiety and for some, it's simply unbearable.

It's time to STOP and regain control with Menopause Anxiety Freedom.

recover your sanity

It's Time to Return to Self

Menopause Anxiety Freedom offers you another way. A way in which you can take back control of your life,rip-up the rule book on perimenopause and menopause and return to self. A self where you're confident, assertive and in total control of every aspect of your life - work, relationships, friends, and family. A self full of hope, excitement and desires. 

Put Yourself 1st

Unlock hidden techniques on how to prioritise, rediscover your lost confidence and motivation for life and learn how to become positive and happy again.

Be More Assertive

Learn to start trusting yourself and your decisions by finding yourself again and becoming more assertive.

Regain Work/Life Balance

Renegotiate your work/life balance and reconnect with your inner-self to discover renewed purpose and a world of possibilities out there.

return to self

Your Recovery Journey Begins Here

At Menopause Anxiety Freedom, we'll help you 'Return to Self' by taking you on a journey of change via a programme of 1-
2-1 coaching, training, and therapy. We'll start by putting a halt to your download spiral of negative thinking and then
elevate you into a positive space of fresh beginnings, excitement and hope that you may have not thought possible.


We start with your mental state and work on a deep dive into how your emotions are impacting your work, relationships and mental clarity. The hormonal changes linked with the menopause can exacerbate your emotions and send you spinning into a vortex of negative thought patterns that can be destructive. We'll help reverse this process and build small steps to recovery that lift you into a more positive mental space full of hope, inspiration and desire.


Our second pillar of change takes a close look into the rules and values that you live your life by. These self-imposed rules may have been in place for years or decades and can enforce a way of life that is unhealthy and unhelpful. We'll challenge these rules head-on, break their rigidity and help you understand that there is no perfect path through the menopause and it's 100% OK to be you.


Our final pillar focuses on your inner-self and a change of heart, helping you reconnect with your soul. You'll quickly sense that more is possible and rediscover your self purpose, identity and inner focus. Feel alive again and learn what it feels like to embrace your desires, opportunities and a brighter future. 

what our clients say


I can't thank you enough for all of your help over the last few months.

I have a much more positive outlook now, both at work and in my everyday life.


Accounting manager

As a result of working with Shirley I have changed my life.

I would recommend Shirley to anyone who is prepared to listen.



Shirley has given me the tools and confidence to finally map out the life I want. 

I am so frigging excited to be on this journey, at 52 I am finally stepping into my power.



I would recommend Shirley to anyone who is experiencing menopause symptoms, especially in relation to anxiety.

I do not think you will find a better or more  understanding therapist.



MEET Shirley billson

Shirley is the Menopause Anxiety Freedom Coach, Author and Speaker who is changing the rules on menopause. She helps women in midlife, who have lost their identity and self belief, to overcome crippling anxiety and take back control of their lives with a renewed sense of purpose, passion and creative spark.