How Much is Menopause Costing Your Business?

If you think menopause is a slightly troublesome issue for a small proportion of your workforce; and that can be managed with a few minor HR-led interventions, you are very wrong.  In research carried out by Dr Louise Newson, 99% of women questioned felt their menopause or perimenopause symptoms had a negative impact on their careers, 59% had taken time off work – 18% for more than eight weeks. One in five (21%) pass on the chance to go for a promotion they would have otherwise considered, 19% reduce their hours and more than one in ten (12%) resign. (Source: Independent).


Factor in how many of those women are high-performing and experienced managers or leaders, and you begin to see the scale of profit leakage through poor retention, elevated sick pay and recruitment costs and diminished performance. Not to mention the risk of brand damage by consistently failing to meet equality and diversity targets in your senior leadership teams. It's an expanding fault line in the foundations of your business, rippling silently into your business culture and impacting deeply on organisational performance and profit. 


However, there exists a huge opportunity to build a better business that top talent of all genders crave to join and remain long enough to perform at their optimum.


It's Time to Return to Self

Menopause Anxiety Freedom offers you another way. A way in which you can take back control of your life, rip-up the rule book on menopause and return to self. A self where you're confident, assertive and in total control of every aspect of your life - work, relationships, friends, and family. A self full of hope, excitement and desires.


Rediscover your lost confidence and motivation for life and learn how to become more positive and happy


Learn to start trusting yourself and your decisions by finding yourself again and becoming more assertive


Pick-up tried and tested techniques on how to prioritise and renegotiate your work/life balance and get it back on track

return to self

Your Menopause Recovery Journey Begins Here

At Menopause Anxiety Freedom, we'll help you 'Return to Self' by taking you on a journey of change to get you from menopause meltdown crisis to assertive confidence, so you start enjoying life again, without fear or anxiety. We do this via a six-month programme of  therapeutic coaching, underpinned by the science of neuroplasticity, solution focused hypnotherapy, coaching, and the spirituality of intuitive guidance. 


Menopausal anxiety brings on a frenetic mental state where you're more likely to be fearful, tearful or angry. It's impossible to concentrate, even remember your name, let alone focus on identity or purpose and so you start to lose confidence in yourself and your ability. You're lost.  

So, this first core pillar is about reversing the downward vortex of negative thought patterns that are so destructive. By helping you to minimise repitive and unhelpful thoughts and taking small, manageable steps each day, within weeks you start to experience a more positive mental space full of renewed hope, inspiration and desire.


Our second pillar of change takes a close look into the rules and values that you live your life by. These self-imposed rules may have been in place for years or decades and can enforce a way of life that is no longer sustainable without compromising your mental well-being. We'll challenge these rules head-on, break their rigidity and help you understand that there is no perfect path through the menopause and it's 100% OK to be you.


Our final pillar focuses on your inner-self and listening to your heart, helping you reconnect with your soul. You'll quickly sense that more is possible and rediscover your self purpose, identity and inner focus. Feel alive again and learn what it feels like to embrace your desires, opportunities and a brighter future, so you can achieve a new state where Self Rules Mind.

YOUR stories

Your menopause anxiety experience is normal - and you are not alone

Too many women question their sanity, their competence and think it's just them. Not true. Here we share stories of women just like you.


Chris was spinning in a vortex of negative thinking and dominated by hormonally induced anxiety, amplified by a bout of ill health and then lockdown. HRT wasn't for her, but she was desperate. She'd already walked away from her senior corporate role, thinking things would get better, but they hadn't. Although volunteering part time, she felt incapable and fearful of any paid work because she easily became overwhelmed by anxiety and massive mood swings. She questioned if she was 'normal'.

Little by little, we helped her to switch her focus of attention from everything she felt was going wrong to what she was good at and what she most cared about. Within 3 months, she began paid work doing something she'd longed to do and she enrolled in a training programme to secure related qualifications.


Amma was a professional manager on sick leave and afraid to return to work. She had become consumed by 'irrational' fears, thinking the worst was going to happen. She also had brain fog and the busiest time of year for her business was approaching. Her team, her colleagues, and her boss depended on her as the calm, reliable and resourceful one who never let anyone down. Except this year, she didn't think she could cope. She was on HRT, which helped a little, but her GP had also prescribed antidepressants, which she didn't think were appropriate and weren't helping. Her whole financial future and retirement plans hinged on her remaining in this job. 

We reminded her that the world could work at her pace, that she was not solely responsible for holding the entire business together and that prioritising her own needs not only benefitted her, but everyone else.

She gained enough confidence to assertively negotiate better working terms, started prioritising her own needs, kept her job, rescued her sanity and has protected her future income.


Rose worked for herself and knew she was good at what she did, but it wasn't what really excited her.  What she really loved was pottery. Self doubt and procrastination, exacerbated by menopausal anxiety, meant she kept finding reasons to postpone investment of time in it. She also had brain fog and felt 'stuck in her head' which meant she struggled to feel in control of life and lacked direction.  Instead, she often felt frustrated and resentful, but thought it was easier to go with the flow than challenge the status quo.

We helped her get crystal clear on what it was that mattered most to her and craft meaningful, and manageable, step by step plans that allowed her to feel in charge of her life and her future for the first time. Feelings of excitement and freedom replaced anxiety and frustration. Suddenly it seemed that menopause really was opening up a world of opportunity she never thought possible.

In the media

what our clients say


I can't thank you enough for all of your help over the last few months. I have a much more positive outlook now, both at work and in my everyday life.



As a result of working with Shirley I have changed my life.

I would recommend Shirley to anyone who is prepared to listen.



Shirley has given me the tools and confidence to finally map out the life I want. I am so frigging excited to be on this journey, at 52 I am finally stepping into my power.



MEET Shirley billson

Shirley has over 25 years' diverse leadership experience in NHS, public, charity, SME & creative agencies and has spent an additional decade helping 1000's to overcome anxiety, using clinical solution focused hypnotherapy. She has been a podcast host, guested on leading mental wellness podcasts & is a mental wellbeing author for a global publisher.

Currently, she coaches women (and men) to rescue incomes, lifestyles and sanity. Her big picture ambition is to change the conversation on menopause, diversity, personal potential & mental health, to enable outstanding outcomes, eliminate glass ceilings and to prevent unconscious marginalisation and exclusion.

In this exploratory consultation, you discover if coaching with us is right for you when it comes to ripping up the rule book on menopause anxiety. You may feel you've lost yourself, your sanity and are at risk of losing your current and future income, but we believe there's a way to transform this nightmare into a gift. We'd love to help you find it.

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