Rewiring Your Neural Pathways for Calm MidLife Confidence Starts Here...

You can rewrite the rules of your life and start feeling hopeful, capable and more like you again, even if you're stuck in the anxiety spin cycle of mid-life (that often comes with an unhealthy side order of self sabotage or guilt!)

Change The Way Your Addled Mind Works Without The Stress

Neuroplasticity proves it's possible to dramatically transform thoughts and behaviours, no matter how embedded you think they are. This course shows you how.

Clear The Brain Fog

If you can't access clear thinking, you can't begin ANY positive change. You can't concentrate and you can't make decisions easily, and the to-do list gets longer. By experimenting with suprisingly simple strategies, you discover how to 'trick' your brain into coming up with fresh and creative solutions to any problem - and in ways that are effortless and fun.

End The Fearful Thinking

Ignoring fearful thinking - or 'trying' to think differently doesn't work. Quite the opposite. It causes you to self sabotage every time - embedding unhelpful behaviours or thoughts even deeper. So we help you understand ways you can change your thinking to support you, without panicking your primitive mind into sabotaging your progress. 

Start a New Life Script

Once you discover how to access reserves of calm, clarity and creative thinking, the version of YOU that you thought you'd lost, begins to return. Now you can start to write a new story for the next chapter of your life. Now that's exciting! 

The longer you put up with indecision, self recrimination or worst case thinking, the worse it gets. 

Maybe you can relate to my story. At the age of 53, and in the space of just 3 months, I went from the exhilaration of my first five figure month in my coaching business, to debt and massive self doubt. It led to 5 long years of repetitive "what's the point of all this?" thinking, a complete loss of confidence, and spiralling anxiety (which I later discovered was connected to menopause) .  Until I figured out there was a way I could change it.

Not to be overly dramatic, but I went through a cascade of negative emotions. 

My confidence began to dwindle. 

This meant I could no longer function in my own business (who wants coaching from someone lacking confidence???) and I didn't feel able to apply for any jobs at the kind of level I was qualified for, or that came close to the salary I used to earn. 

My career and business prospects got worse...

...as my confidence plummeted; and the more my confidence plummeted, the worse my prospects became. I became trapped in a downward vortex of inadequacy and self doubt, which was fuelling my negative thoughts.

I went over and over events in the past...

... as if I could somehow re-write them - and feared worst case outcomes for the future. I thought I had early onset dementia and convinced myself that I was no longer capable of more.

The repetitive negative thoughts...

...clouded my judgement and increased my self doubt, because I couldn't concentrate, couldn't focus and kept forgetting the simplest of things.


I felt guilty and ungrateful...

...for all the wonderful things in my life that I told myself I 'should' be grateful for, but it didn't help. In fact, it only made me feel worse.

Eventually, I resigned myself to low paid, part time work that didn't tax me too much, because I thought it was all I could competently do. I also thought it would be stress free.

I was wrong.

I felt palpitations on the journey to work and any small incident made me feel deeply uncomfortable.  I socially isolated because I was ashamed of who I had become and my old enthusiasm and energy became things of the past.

The longer this went on, the worse it was getting. 

I was trapped in a downward spiral that was robbing me of my career, my dreams and, possibly, my relationships. 

Even though I was qualified and trained to help people like me, I couldn't help myself. Eventually, even though my finances were at rock bottom, I realised I had to seek help, whatever it cost. Because if I didn't solve this now, life wouldn't be worth living.

That's when everything started to change. For the better.


Start Accessing Calm & Writing New Neural Pathways for Clarity & Confidence

Mid Life Reinvention is an online programme which you can access any time and work through at your own pace.  

It helps you finally understand what's going on in your brain, and how to change it.

You quickly discover how to write new neural pathways to increase clarity and calm, so you can start being more confident.

Based on my own personal journey and decades of successful clinical and solution focused hypnotherapy and coaching with 1000s of clients, this easy to follow programme helps you change they way you think. For the better.

And when you change the way you think, everything else changes too.  

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About The Course Teacher, Shirley Billson

Shirley Billson is the founder of the Mental Wealth Factory. She helps professional women struggling with menopausal anxiety to move out of mayhem and meltdown into calm, confident, and assertive living. She does this by building on 3 core pillars - You, Mind and Life.

She is  the host of the Rebellation podcast, dedicated to women experiencing anxiety in menopausal meltdown, and has just started work on her latest book on Menopausal Anxiety.  

She is also the author of Success Reframe, a business book for therapists & coaches, and is soon to complete a commissioned book on Mental Health Leadership in Secondary Schools for Routledge publishing.

Her own menopause was an anxiety-driven nightmare which helped her to create this course for women just like you.

She wants your own menopause to be less laden with emotional land mines, so you can stop wondering "is it me?" "am I going mad?" or worrying about every thing in ways you never used to.


Master Calm, Clarity & Confident Thinking Effortlessly

Neuroplasticity proves it's possible to dramatically transform thoughts and behaviours, no matter how embedded you think they are. This course shows you how.