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Building on her own experience and expertise as a motivational speaker, professional speaker, inspirational speaker, keynote speaker, conference speaker, writer & hypnotherapist, Shirley Billson brings together a talented team of associates to form the Mental Wealth Factory, dedicated to inspiring and educating at events & conferences, online and offline, in corporate business, public sector, health, and education.

Inspiring Audiences to Think Differently & Achieve More

Whether you are an online event project manager, a conference organiser, an HR leader or secondary school headteacher looking to expand possibility in the minds of your audience, employees or staff and students, Shirley Billson, has the message and the method to deliver. Shirley is an exceptional communicator who has delivered presentations around the world, inspiring and challenging audiences to think and behave differently and demonstrating the positive power of maverick and a courageous approach to goal setting and leadership. By living and breathing this philosophy and successfully igniting this mindset within others, Shirley has helped many hundreds of people throughout the business, health, community and education worlds to break out of limiting patterns of thinking and behaviour. The result? They dare to do the things they didn't think possible, creating a ripple effect of positive change in relationships at work and at home. 

The Mental Wealth Factory

In 2018, what started out as an intention to work exclusively with secondary schools to help young people overcome mental health challenges quickly became a multi-faceted demand for thought leadership through professional speaking, writing, workshops and participation in expert think tanks on building courageous leadership and harnessing the positive power of maverick.

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If you are looking for a motivational speaker and thought leader to inspire your audience by challenging fixed thinking, so they aim for bigger goals and achieve them, then Shirley's 'Courageous' and 'Maverick' Keynote speeches will surpass your expectations. Ask about including live demos with audience volunteers.

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Shirley brings the 'joy of maverick' and considerable personal experience when it comes to speaking on inclusive culture, courage, resilience, and the neuroscience of stress.
She is currently writing her first commissioned book for Routledge, challenging existing mental health leadership and performance in secondary schools. Her writing and speaking is brave and honest and connects emotionally with her readers.

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Shirley Billson, can ensure your business has the mindset, culture and communication skills to grow and succeed, whatever its size.  She designs & delivers workshops, training, speaking and individual coaching programmes to improve performance, inclusive working, and courageous goal setting.

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Shirley has a passion for changing mindsets & releasing potential. She helps people break out of limiting patterns of thinking and behaviour that impact on every area of performance in business, school and life.

People from all walks of life can benefit from her interactive and engaging events that lift people's expectations of themselves and expand their achievements. 

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Shirley challenges the status quo and shares what can be achieved with a mind open to possibility. Her presentations and interactive workshops inspire students, staff and parents to consider fresh and empowering perspectives that increase confidence and improve relationships.

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Email: Shirley@thementalwealthfactory.co.uk or visit our contact page.

About Shirley Billson

In the bright Autumn of 2012, Shirley Billson self published a book about achieving success. By 2013, she was in debt, depressed and broken.  What followed were 6 long years of re-building self identity, trying and repeatedly failing to resurrect the success she'd previously found so easy. Finally, she re-discovered her own well of courage and the positive power of maverick. Six months later, she was speaking at national conferences, discussing collaborations with international thought leaders and had secured a new book deal with a major publisher in a field where she had limited first hand experience. She has taken a deep dive into better understanding and challenging the unconscious bias and invisible rules that prevent us from being more courageous, more innovative, setting bigger goals and achieving more than we thought possible. She now speaks with passion to inspire others to do the same. She challenges audiences to re-kindle their ambition, soothe their inner demons, be more courageous in life and business and discover the positive power of maverick, so they become more focused, more productive and achieve more effective results.

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