November 19

Why You REALLY Need to Step Back from the To-Do List in Menopause

When we think about self-care in menopause, it’s important to see it as an overall idea of putting yourself first.

Yet how can you make yourself a priority when you are tied to a never-ending list of things that you should be doing?

I am usually a morning person. I get up and enjoy a shower and a moment of meditation before starting my work for the day. However, there was a time recently when I just hit snooze on my alarm and simply did not want to get out of bed. While a part of me felt stressed and I told myself that I had to get on with client work and recording a podcast, I ignored it and pressed pause. The thing is, whether or not I take half the morning off, there will be always be something that needs doing.

Of course, if you are constantly struggling to get up in the morning and always feeling tired, then there could be some deeper reason for this going on and it should be dealt with. For those moments when you just need some time out though, know that this is ok to do.

Take a break, even when there’s something on the list

You might reasonably argue that it’s easy for me to have a half day off being self-employed. When you are in employment, it isn’t as straightforward. Either way, that list will never end. There is always something on it. Even if you prioritise, there will forever be those little things you could add onto the list.

If you relate to this, then it’s time to step back and lift your head out of living a life based on your list because before you know it, your entire lifetime will be consumed by the list. Take comfort from putting the list on the back burner for a moment, because you know that time off or not, the list will still be there and you will be in a far better position to tackle it when you regularly give yourself that self-care time.

Learn from lockdown

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck and lockdown first happened, we were forced into this new way of life. Suddenly everything stopped and we had to adapt to that. While the pandemic has brought hardships, it also made you pause and realise what is truly important, which feels strangely good. Even in lockdown, life still goes on, which serves as a reminder that when you take a step back from the list, things still happen and will get done.

Discovering the benefits

When take these self-care moments, whether that is a late morning when you are self-employed or scheduling a meeting with yourself in employment, you take steps which will positively impact you in the long run.

Breaking up with the list helps to clear your mind and leads to increased productivity levels. The more you do, the less you are able to do and this is a main reason for giving yourself that pocket of time to just pause and enjoy some calm moments. After all, if you are on the go all day trying to do everything in a state of perpetual motion, then you will run yourself into the ground. Even athletes know the importance of rest, so it’s we all appreciate switching off for a moment.

By taking time off the list, you will still be able to do things as planned, but from a clearer perspective and healthier mindset. You, and the people around you, will feel more at ease and the work you do will hold more value as a result.


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