August 19

Women Forced Out of Work by Menopause

There was an important article in The Guardian this week, entitled ‘My bosses were happy to destroy me – the women forced out of work by menopause’ – but there’s a missing story.

Too often, women who are self employed and menopausal also feel compelled to give up their work – and their entire future ambition.

I speak from personal experience. In the space of 3 months, I went from 5 figure income months to debt, depression, and perceived incompetence. I experienced loss of clients, loss of confidence, loss of all self belief – and, yes, suicidal thoughts too.

I over invested in business coaches and went on Government funded start up schemes because I thought my problem was business inadequacy and lack of acumen (despite having had the wherewithal to grow a recruitment ad agency from £250k turnover to £1m in 12 months during my 30s).

I listened to gurus and ‘experts’ telling me how to ‘crush it’ if I would just step outside my comfort zone. My sense of failure and incompetence only deepened. It seemed that anything beyond minimum wage was now beyond my sphere of capability and ambition. I was wrong.

Too many women just give up trying. The world is poorer for that.

If you’d like to discuss ways you can move beyond this and (genuinely!) start to embrace this as a positive experience, book a free initial consultation. 


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